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Description - Description - Ariel Gait Analysis System

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is a sophisticated laboratory technique by which modern electronics are used to incorporate information from a number of inputs to illustrate and analyze the dynamics of gait. It describes for the clinician (physician, surgeon, therapist) in quantitative and dynamic terms the movement of the body and its limbs and the changing relationships of one extremity to other extremities during motion (e.g.: walking, leg raising). It helps the clinician judge what are the forces resulting in a dysfunction in movement of a limb and what is the result of compensating for the dysfunction; to put it another way, what is cause and what is effect.

Gait analysis has become particularly useful to the surgical team when decisions need to be made about the applicability of a surgical procedure for correction of a faulty gait. It is also valuable after surgery to learn whether the dysfunction has been corrected and how motion of the treated limb is now effecting the dynamics of walking.

What is APAS/Gait?

APAS/Gait is an add-on module to the APAS System. It allows full-fledged gait analyses using industry-standard marker sets. It is a video-based system for the most accurate kinematics analyses in the industry, and optionally uses input from force plates for inverse dynamics analyses. APAS/Gait will generate standard charts and standard analysis reports with a click of a button. 

APAS/Gait uses 3-dimensional rendering of the kinematic data in real-time. This allows you to visually validate anything you are doing. If you inadvertently input a wrong anthropometric measure, or if your data contains errors of any kind, you will be able to spot this immediately in the 3D display. Check here for an impression (AVI - 774 kB).

Check here for the Tutorial and User's Guide.

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