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Price List

Price List


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Price List - Prices and options


Check here if you are looking for more APAS information.

Product Price (US$)
APAS/Lite - software only (download) FREE
APAS - software only (download) $10,000
Additional APAS workstations. APAS can be installed on any number of computers in your laboratory for $1,500 per computer. $1,500/each
Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS-2000) $15,000 (NTSC/PAL)
APAS-High Speed with two 240 Hz high speed cameras $24,500
APAS/Renderer $495
APAS/Gait, Kinematics only* $895
APAS/Gait, Kinematics only* + APAS/Renderer $995
APAS/Gait, Full version with kinetics (incl. free APAS/Renderer) $1,995

Standard with every APAS

Pentium/AMD computer (500 MHz or higher) Included
20 GB Hard Disk (up to 30 GB available - optional) Included
64 MB RAM Memory (up to 512 MB available - optional) Included
3.5" Diskette Drive Included
Multi-Media Compatible Frame Grabber (NTSC and PAL) Digital/Analog or both (optional). Included
48X CD Included
Software (all software is Windows-95/98/NT/ME/2000 compatible): Included
3D KinAPAS 3D Kinetics Module - Manual
AnalogAPAS Analog Manual
APAS ManualAPAS Online Manuals
CaptureAPAS Capture Manual
Data CollectionAPAS Data Collection Manuals
Data PresentationData Presentation
Data ProcessingData Processing
DigitizeAPAS Digitize Module
DisplayAPAS Display Manual
DownloadsDownload software products, patches and drivers
FilterAPAS Filter Manual
Force PlateHow to create a force plate file
ManualsSoftware manuals
RealCapAPAS Real Cap for Windows Manual
TransformAPAS Transform Manual
TrimAPAS Trim Manual
VectorsAPAS Vectors Manual
Video CaptureIntroduction to video capture with APAS
ViewAPAS View for Windows Manual


Check here if you are looking for more ACES information.

Product Price (US$)
Multi-function Machine (with APAS interface) $25,000
Arm/Leg Machine (with APAS interface) $25,000
Back/Abdominal Machine (with APAS interface) $25,000
ACES Controller $9,500


Product Price (US$)
Upgrade to 128 MB RAM $150
17" High Resolution Color Monitor $450
CD-RW $450
1G Jazz Drive with interface to APAS system $450
Zip Drive with full APAS Work Station software $250
S-VHS VCR, 60 Hz, Field Advance (NTSC/PAL) Requires Time Code Option Listed Below For Computer Control Of VCR $4,950
Time Code Read/Write. Time code includes software to interface with the APAS System $1,500
VHS Video Camcorder (Variable  Shutter, 60 Hz, Industrial Model) $1,500
S-VHS Video Camcorders (up to 1/8000 Sec. Shutter, 60 Hz, Industrial Model)       $3,750 (NTSC)
$3,750  (PAL)
Ariel Software Drivers For JVC Camcorder $3,500
Tripod $250
Industrial Camera Light (250 Watts) $300
Reflective Ball Markers (30 Markers) $300
1000 Double-Sided Stickers for Markers  $150
VRG - Video Report Generation Package (SVHS-VCR, Converter Unit, Monitor, Microphone) $7,500 (NTSC/PAL)
JVC 240 Hz high speed camera - Digital Color $7,500


ARIEL Analog - 16 A/D channels hardware $7,500
ARIEL Interface software to force plate and EMG $1,500
ARIEL Analog - expansion to 32 channels (software + hardware) $5,500
AMTI Force plate with Ariel software, drivers and cables Interface $15,950
EMG Pre-amplified electrode w/APAS Interface $750


Notebook APAS Workstation (software and hardware)  $12,500
Analog interface to notebook (16 Channels A/D for EMG and Plate 330 kHz) $9,500


APAS Computer Cart $500
High Precision Calibration Cube $1,500
HP-Color Printer with cable and software driver $500

Listed prices are for USA domestic sales only
International prices vary by location
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

For custom quotes please contact us directly.

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