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APAS 3D Kinetics Module - Manual

3Dkin is a program for calculation of human lower extremity kinematics and kinetics in 3D. The convention is based on a anatomical coordinate system providing information on joint flexion/extension, abduction/adduction and also internal/external rotation. The mathematical model for the kinetic calculations is based on inverse dynamics using a free body diagram.

3Dkin program introduces a new approach for calculating joint center. Estimating 3D kinetics of the lower extremity the joint center of the ankle, knee and the hip must be obtained. The previous approach has been the use of anthropometric data which covers relative location of the joint center with respect to an arbitrary coordinate system created using three well defined/positioned markers. In order to compensate for individual variation in joint structure the joint centers are digitized for the first few frames of the sequence of interest. 3DKin calculates the actual parameters for estimating the joint centers for the individual in question. This approach will also cover for some of the variation in the position of the markers.

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