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17.1ANTHRO INFO The Anthro program is a calculation module using formulas based on abstracts of investigations. This module calculates values of segmental mass, location of center-of-mass (CM), and principal moments of inertia with respect to the CM.

The Anthro program allows individual algorithms, to calculate the mass/inertial characteristics of a body, to be selected and then compared with one another. This program also contains a list of the abstracts and references of investigations.

17.2 ENTERING THE ANTHRO PROGRAM   The Anthro program is menu driven and selected from the Applications Option in the Main APAS Menu. A title screen will be displayed on the color monitor. Any key may be pressed to continue into the Anthro Program.

The next screen will ask for the sex of the subject. Select male or female using the left/right arrow keys and press ENTER. The tab key maybe used from the Main Anthro Menu to return to this option.

17.3 INFO   The Info option on the Main Anthro Menu simply displays a screen giving information about the Anthro program.

17.4 NEW   New is selected to start a new calculation process. The New Menu will be displayed.

17.4.1 Disk Utility   The Disk Utility option is selected to create a new file for information to be saved to, along with the option of changing disks or directories.

  1. Input New File Name - creates a new file. This option must be selected before any calculation is started, if the information is to be saved. A name of no more than eight characters may be entered along with a short description of the file. Data files are saved with name extention (*.man) for men and (*.fan) for women. Escape is selected to return to the Disk Utility Menu.
  2. Disk Choice - allows the disk to be changed so files may be saved to floppies. Escape is selected to return to the Disk Utility Menu.
  3. Change Dir - allows the current directory to be changed. The F9-Open Directory key is used to open a selected directory and the F10-Select Highlighted Directory selects any highlighted directory to be opened. Escape is selected to return to the Disk Utility Menu.
  4. Make Dir - makes a new subdirectory under the current selected directory. Escape is selected to return to the Disk Utility Menu.
  5. Quit - returns to the New Menu.
17.4.2 Body M & H   This option is selected to enter only the subjects mass in kilograms and height in centimeters. Escape is pressed to to return to the New Menu.

17.4.3 M, H, Leg L, ∓ Trunk C   This option is selected to enter the subjects body mass in kilograms and height in centimeters along with leg length and trunk circumference in centimeters. ENTER must be pressed after each entry to fix the data and advance to the next screen.

17.4.4 Complete Parameters   The Complete Parameters option allows for the subjects body mass, height, along with the length of the foot, shank, thigh, hand, forearm, upper arm, and the diameter of the shoulders and hips. The length and diameter fields are entered in centimeters. Along with the table of segments a body chart is displayed on the color monitor with points marking the various joints. As each field is entered a line is drawn asking for the value of that field.

17.4.5 Calculations Table   After the subjects body mass and height, or mass, height, leg length, and truck circumference or the complete body parameters have been entered, the Calculations Table with be displayed. The mass, in kilograms, is shown in the third column. The center of mass location for each segment is shown in percentage. This percentage relates from bottom to top.

The last three columns represent the moments of enertia for each segment in the XYZ coordinates calculated in kilograms-per-meter-squared.

At the bottom of the table is the total mass, absolute error and relitive error for this method of computation.

The Esc-Abort key may be used to abort the sequence and the F10-Done key is pressed to save the data to the named file. The F1-abstract key is pressed to review the abstract of the system algorithm.

17.5 OLD   Old is selected to manage data bank files. The Old Menu will then be displayed.

  1. View Data Bank Files - allows old files to be selected for viewing and manipulation.
  2. Change Disk - as with the disk utility option (Section 17.4.1) under the New Menu this option simply changes the disk drive.
  3. Change Directory - as with the disk utility option (Section 17.4.1) under the New Menu this option simply changes the directory.
  4. Quit - returns to the Anthro Main Menu.
17.6 REF   Ref contains the list of references and abstracts of investigations.
  1. View List - displays the list of abstracts on the color monitor.
  2. Print List - prints the list of abstracts.
  3. Quit - Returns to the Main Anthro Menu.

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