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History in progress - please come back soon!!

You are probably looking for our site map. Our older pages are still available here:

ADA & APAS06/29/2001Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and APAS
Advantages06/29/2001Advantages of ACES
Advantages06/29/2001More advantages of ACES
Ahtletics06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to athletics
Anabolic Steroids06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to anabolic steroids
Assist06/29/2001Tools to assist measurement and training of human fitness and exercise levels
Associations06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Honorary and professional associations
Back Negative06/29/2001Functional capacity - back pathology - negative results
Back Positive06/29/2001Functional capacity - back pathology - positive results
Basic System06/29/2001The basic Ariel Performance Analysis System
BioMch-L04/06/2002Accuracy of the Ariel Performance Analysis System
Carpal Post06/29/2001Functional capacity - carpal tunnel syndrome - post release
Conferences12/11/2002Conference list 2001
Cyberspace06/29/2001Biomechanics in cyberspace
Education06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Education
Exercise Machines06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to exercise equipment
Features10/03/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Features and Appearances
Feedback06/29/2001Feedback Control of Exercise
Force Plate06/29/2001How to create a force plate file
Founder06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Founder and chairman of Ariel Dynamics Inc.
Future06/29/2001Future Development
Handball06/29/2001The Relationships between Throwing Velocity and Motor Ability Parameters of High-Performance Handball Players
History12/11/2002History in progress - please come back soon!!
Introduce06/29/2001We are proud to introduce our line of exercise machines
Knee06/29/2001Functional capacity - knee pathology
Methods06/29/2001Accuracy of APAS - Methods
Methods06/29/2001Resistive Exercising Methods
More info10/14/2001More CES information
Movement06/29/2001Making sense of movement
Muscle Fiber06/29/2001Model of Muscle Fiber with Controllable Recruiting
Net digitizing06/29/2001Net digitizing - a biomechanical step onto the internet
Olympics06/29/2001Address to the International Olympic Commitee
Optimization06/29/2001Optimization of Human Performance for All Ages
Optimum06/29/2001The Optimum Performance Concept
Panning06/29/2001Photogrammetric Transformation with Panning
Plate Specs06/29/2001Ariel Force Plate System Specifications
Presentations03/26/2003Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Selected presentations
President06/29/2001If it is good enough for the president, it is good enough for you!
Principles06/29/2001Principles of Gait Analysis
Principles06/29/2001Scientific Principles for Quantifying Motion
Profile06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Professional Profile
Reference12/11/2002Ariel Dynamics Online Reference Library
References06/29/2001Optimum References
Resistive06/29/2001Resistive Training
Results06/29/2001Accuracy of APAS - Results
Rotator Cuff06/29/2001Functional capacity - rotator cuff pathology
Selection06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Selected publications
Shoes06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to biomechanics of athletic shoe design
Sports Medicine06/29/2001Symposium on Olympic Sports Medicine
Study06/29/2001Accuracy of three-dimensional linear and angular estimates obtained with the Ariel Performance Analysis System
Summary06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Professional summary
System06/29/2001ACES system description
Technology06/29/2001High-Technology Tools
Technology06/29/2001High Technology in Athletic Training and Performance Analysis
Television06/29/2001Gideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Television appearances
Tools06/29/2001Tools to assess movement of the human body
Training06/29/2001Principles for Exercise and Training
Video Analysis06/29/2001Video analysis with APAS
Video Capture06/29/2001Introduction to video capture with APAS
Why APAS?01/02/2007Why should you select the Ariel Performance Analysis System?

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